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Profile: Malia Parsons

With many different hobbies that Malia Parsons has participated in over the years, Parsons eventually limited her focus to volleyball, and now is committed to playing division three volleyball at Saint Olaf’s College in Minnesota. 

The support from her friends and coaches helped senior Malia Parsons develop her passion for volleyball, but her biggest supporter and inspiration was her family. 

“My mom inspired me the most because she played volleyball in college and she helped me get into the sport and get passionate about it. I played a lot of sports beforehand and she helped me fall in love with the game,” Parsons said. 

The decision to commit to St. Olaf College was a long and hard process, but after talking to many different coaches from different schools and sending multiple videos in, she decided St. Olaf was the perfect fit for her.

“I chose St. Olaf because I love the coach and fell in love with the school the second I stepped on campus. The team was also super nice when I met them,” Parsons said.

Parsons joined the volleyball community at age 12 and has truly prioritized the sport, by putting the necessary time and effort into becoming a volleyball superstar. 

Parsons currently plays volleyball six days a week for the Tamalpais High School (Tam) girl’s varsity volleyball team. In her off-season, she plays for the club team, Absolute Volleyball, four to five days a week. 

This year, Parsons is the varsity volleyball captain and is making a large impact on the team. 

“Having Malia as captain is a very comforting feeling. I can always count on her to make the right decision, back me up, and play a huge role in leading the team,” junior co-captain Natalia Clifford said. 

The girl’s varsity volleyball team is currently standing at fourth in Marin County, which Parsons credits to their close-knit team bond.

“We play well together as a team, not individuals,” Parsons said.

They couldn’t do it without their outstanding captain though, many of Parsons’ teammates described her as reliable and a hardworking player.

“As captain, she always picks other people up and brings people together to work efficiently as a team,” senior Zoe Lyko said. 

Her positive attitude and inclusivity are one of her specialties, making her such a great leader. 

Parsons is very thankful to continue her education and athletic career at St. Olaf and was very grateful to play for Tam these past couple of years. 

“Malia positively impacts the team with her amazing hustle and determination along with her leadership on and off the court. She always knows what to say and when to say it. She is always playing her hardest and always gives it her all in any circumstance,” Clifford said.

Being an academic and athletic weapon, Parsons has made a large indent in and outside of the volleyball community here at Tam.



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