Students Sell Photos at Fall Art Festival


By Misha Krivoruchko

Art students junior Lisa Mallet and junior Tam News reporter Jackson Gathard recently sold their photographs at the Mill Valley Fall Art Festival. All of the students in Mallet and Gathard’s class chose one piece to show at the Fall Art Festival. Their artwork was shown at a community display booth at which the pieces would only be sold if a buyer was eager to own the piece.

At the festival, once the buyer saw a student’s artwork and decided they wanted it, they wrote their contact information down in a book at the art festival. After this, all the responsibility fell onto the artists to follow up with their potential buyers. One may expect Gathard and Mallet’s art teacher to be involved in this process, but photography teacher Mary Krawczyk acknowledged that she was just there to give support.

On September 23, Gathard heard from a potential buyer. “I looked through the book of where people made their offers and I guess I [had] just missed it,” Gathard said. “[The buyer] also said it would go great with a collection they already had started.” This has been an exceptional year for Tam’s art students because they are part of a select few that has been able to sell their artwork at the Mill Valley Fall Art Festival.