Tales of Buying Hot Chocolate at the Hungry Hawk


By Ethan Lawrence

I spent my entire first period AP Comp class thinking about the delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream that I was going to get at break. Once the bell rang, I darted to the Hungry Hawk and waited in an endless line. One after another, students walked passed me with smiles on their face, sipping from their recently purchased hot chocolate. I began drooling, jealous of all the kids that could finally begin their day now that they had their hot chocolate. As I approached the window, I peeked over the shoulders of a group of freshman to see how many hot chocolates remained. Thankfully, there were plenty left and I gave the cashier my dollar. I walked away from the large crowd while I enjoyed every whip-cream filled sip. The bell rang before I could socialize with any of my friends about their weekends, but my delicious drink was the only friend I needed. I was ¾ of the way into my drink when I took a large sip and swallowed. I felt a mouthful of some slimy substance slither down my throat. I cringed and froze, trying to process what just happened. Whatever it was, there was something in my drink that didn’t belong.

I didn’t realize what that mystery object was until the next day when I asked to have a sip of my friends hot chocolate.I took a large gulp and felt the same gross feeling in my mouth. I immediately spit it out into and a piece of plastic stuck to the side of the cup. My friend and I stared into the cup without saying anything, and then looked at each other in disgust. So be warned everyone: these usually delicious drinks may seem tempting on a cold morning, but is a mouthful of plastic really worth it? I suggest that you keep your dollar or spend it on some poptarts instead.