Senior Superlatives: Car Edition


By Ethan Lawrence

Many upperclassmen drive to school every day. Students drive a variety of cars, but a few stand out from the others. Whether it’s because they are the oldest, the most expensive, or have the most character, these cars are a few of the most interesting at Tam.

Dave Peters,1968 Mercury Cougar
What makes it special? You don’t see as many Cougars on the road … there are not that many classic cars at Tam.
Favorite thing about your car? When I’m driving it and I accelerate, I can really feel it. It just takes off, due to its 302 V8 engine, which gives it a fair amount of power.
How does your car represent you? I won the senior award of “wrong decade,” and I think my car really plays into that image. It also fits in with how I dig the classics; like classic music, cars, and even sometimes my attire reflects a more 60-70’s era.


Jon Jon Sohaei,1977 Mk 1 Range Rover 4 Speed
What makes it special? It is one of the only ones in the USA. [My car] is not actually legal here and was brought here by my dad ten years before later model Range Rovers were sold here as a grey market vehicle.
Favorite thing about your car? My favorite part about the car is that you’re never going to see another one, and that people who know what it is always seem to appreciate it. This model won the first ever Dakar Race (twice) and still holds many off road world records.
How does your car represent you? It’s insanely fun but it really requires a lot of patience. Also it’s probably the car I have the most experience working on. It’s definitely a love or hate kind of car and even though it’s a pain, it has so much character and history that I can’t see myself ever getting rid of it.

Caylen De Los Reyes, 1995 Ford Bronco
What makes it special? It comes in handy for many situations and is very versatile. I have a record of 11 people fitting inside.
Favorite thing about your car? I like my car mainly because it’s a classic and somewhat unique, but it’s still relatively up to date with some of the new technology out there on the inside.
How does your car represent you? Honestly I don’t think my car resembles me in many ways other than being slow, inefficient and large.