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Review: Disney+ is a whole new world

(Isabella Faillace)

By Skye Schoenhoeft

December 16, 2019

The new streaming service is entertaining and expansive, although it may not be worth the monthly charge.

Keep Your Blindfolds On

Keep Your Blindfolds On

By Josie Spiegelman

February 6, 2019

When Bird Box came out on December 21st, it seemed as if the whole world had been set on fire. There were immediately jokes and pictures circling around the internet, prompting more and more people to watch the movie and discover what the excitement was about. With 45 million accounts having streame...

American Vandal Review

American Vandal Review

By Elissa Asch

November 13, 2017

Hanover High School Senior Dylan Maxwell has been expelled for a crime he may have committed, and student documentarian Peter Maldonado and his best friend Sam set out to prove his innocence or ensure his guilt.  This comedic Netflix original centers around Peter’s documentary American Vandal whi...

Game of Thrones Season Seven Review

Game of Thrones Season Seven Review

By Connor Dargan

September 18, 2017

SPOILER ALERT!  IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED SEASON 7 OF GAME OF THRONES, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…   Season seven of HBO’s fantasy TV show Game of Thrones had its finale on August 27 and it was a doozy.  So much was thrown at us in the last 15 minutes of the final...

Bill is Back

Bill is Back

By Marie Hogan

May 3, 2017

Pop quiz! What do an aging man laughing at his own jokes, a serious scientific panel, a live audience, and supermodel Karlie Kloss all have in common? Answer: they’re all key components of Bill Nye (the science guy’s) new TV show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” whose first season debuted on n...

Aziz Ansari: Master of my Netflix History


By Cam Vernali

December 10, 2015

While I try to pride myself on not being one of those “techie youngsters” as my grandfather would call my peers, Netflix is a guilty pleasure I can’t live without. I check for new additions pretty frequently, skipping movies that don’t appeal to me and binge-watching shows that grab my interest....

Broadcast: Boys’ Varsity Basketball vs Drake

Broadcast: Boys' Varsity Basketball vs Drake

By Riley Kuffner

January 16, 2014 Full game broadcast: Varsity boys' basketball faced off against the Drake Pirates in a classic division rivalry. Drake pulled out the win with a dominating fourth quarter.

Sports Talk: Aseal Birir

Sports Talk: Aseal Birir

November 9, 2013

Do Our Childhood Cartoons Grow Up With Us?

Do Our Childhood Cartoons Grow Up With Us?

By Meg Weisselberg

November 7, 2013

I can still vividly remember the moment I found out that Shaggy and Velma from “Scooby Doo,” one of my favorite childhood series, had become an item. Impossible! The characters weren’t supposed to change after I stopped watching. In fact, in my mind, it wasn’t even necessary for the show to continue...

Join the Clone Club with Orphan Black

Orphan Black

By Marley Townsend

September 22, 2013

Within the first episode of BBC America’s Orphan Black, the star of the show already died once. With such a confusing opener, you’d be daft not to realize that this isn’t just an ordinary sci-fi TV staple–this show is a little different. Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany), a thorny outsider, witnesses...

The Many Charms of HBO’s “Girls”

The Many Charms of HBO's

By Billie Mandelbaum & Sander Lutz

March 21, 2013

Sander Lutz I would like to disclaim that I thought I would be the first person in a line of many to hate “Girls” with a vengeful, spitting, furious passion. Everything it stands for, from the sickly sweet hipness of a youthful Brooklyn to the hopes and dreams of idyllic, starry-eyed liberal-arts graduate...

“House of Cards” Season 1 Review: An Engrossing and Cynical Political Thriller

“House of Cards” Season 1 Review: An Engrossing and Cynical Political Thriller

By Wesley Emblidge

February 4, 2013

Note: Netflix made the decision to release the entire first season of their new show all at once online, so although this is a review of that first season, it will only spoil plot points from the pilot. The political system, especially in America, is rarely portrayed in positive light in film and television. We use our free speech to criticize the government a lot, from the biting ...