ASB Election Results for 2018-2019

By Niulan Wright

The Associated Student Body (ASB) elections ended April 27. The  newly appointed officers are president Natalie Bricker, vice president Dollan Clahan, treasurer Theodore Koffman, and secretary Kara Kneafsey.

Koffman reflected on the campaign. “Everyone that ran this year was amazing. We have some really great students working to create a really bright future for Tam High and I hope that next year’s cabinet works really well together,” he said.

ASB campaigns started April 18 and voting lasted two days, starting at 8 a.m. on April 26 and ending at 4 p.m. on April 27. Students were able to fill out a google form on the Tam website to vote.

Bricker and Clahan are juniors while Koffman and Kneafsey are sophomores. All officers are part of the leadership class, but only Bricker has held an ASB position before. She served as the ASB secretary last year.

Other students who ran included juniors Zachary Harris and Zoe Portera, who ran for president, sophomores Eli Blum and Sam Sternfels, who ran for treasurer, and sophomores Hana Curphey and Chloe Jeanmonod, who ran for secretary.

“School ASB elections are important because voting is a habit that we [leadership]  want to create in kids … you should care who your reps are because ASB is your direct link to administration … the more people we can get voting the more people will vote later in life,” said ASB teacher Nathan Bernstein.

The ASB class held a “Town Hall” meeting during tutorial on April 21. Candidates gave a short address, about their campaign, and participated in a debate. About forty students were in attendance including those running.

“The idea behind the Town Hall came from Bernstein because he has always wanted Tam ASB elections to be something serious and something that people care about.” said Kira Cross, a senior and organizer of the elections and event.

A majority of the candidates talked about inclusion, community, and the value of teamwork. Some spoke about the importance of connecting the students with the administration and making sure that decisions were student approved and driven. Current ASB president Robbie Samec moderated the event.

Those who ran and others will have another chance to run for their Class Council on the week of May 7.