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Advisory Olympics

Advisory Olympics

By Lauren Felder May 25, 2023
“[Advisory Olympics] was a lot of fun. Our entire team was really into it and it was just a fun experience. At the end everyone got popsicles and it was just an overall amazing experience so I’m really glad I went.”
(Courtesy of Abbey Levine)

Link Crew leads freshman class on first tour of Tam campus

By Amelia Sandgren February 24, 2021
Incoming students learned directions to their classes in preparation for a return to campus.
(Emily Stull)


By Emily Stull February 7, 2021
58 percent of students seventh through twelfth grade experience sexual assault or harassment. High schoolers nationwide have taken matters into their own hands, establishing student-led task forces and outlets for victims to anonymously share their stories.
(Tenaya Tremp)

For peers or for college?

By Grace Gustafson November 11, 2019
Link Crew is meant to help new high school students adjust. But are upperclassmen using it for themselves instead?


By Milo Levine June 6, 2019
Public school is for everyone. Tam’s academic programs may not be.

Link Olympics

By Griffin Barry May 22, 2018

Link Crew held its second annual Freshman Advisory Olympics on April 25. According to English teacher Abigail Levine, who runs it, Link Crew is designed to build a welcoming environment for freshmen. “Our...

Students Take PSAT and Workshops on Minimum Day

Students Take PSAT and Workshops on Minimum Day

By Hannah Chorley October 13, 2015

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)  will be administered to sophomores and juniors during school on Wednesday, October 14th. The test is optional for sophomores and mandatory for juniors....

Leadership and Link Crew Host Mixer

By Sophia Ellingson April 22, 2013

Link Crew and Leadership students held a “Come Meet Your Facebook Friends” mixer event at lunch on April 24, in hopes of bringing together new friends and developing a positive social atmosphere on...

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