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Slim pickings for parking

Graphic by Jackson Van Til

The time has officially come: the back parking lot (BPL) is now closed to seniors. Construction has finally begun after months of anticipation. It was supposed to start in August, but is only beginning now. Students have been dreading this for months, seniors especially. Not having the security of their own parking lot has made seniors rethink what time they need to get to school each morning. 

At the beginning of the school year, Tamalpais High School families received an email saying that the staff parking lot was undergoing renovation, and in turn, the BPL would become staff parking. After months of anticipation, the project “officially” began after winter break. Now with the lot on Miller Avenue fenced off, construction should start any day now, or so the administration has said. Construction has only just started, almost 5 months later than they said it would be.

“I wish they would wait to turn the BPL into staff parking until they are really starting to build. Every day I walk past the BPL and there are dozens of open spots. There’s so much wasted parking that’s not being used,” senior Lindsey Maynard said.

There are many concerns that people have to surround the limited parking. It’s not only the fact that having to walk far is often a pain in the morning. Many don’t mind the walk, but the amount of time the walk may take. 

“Last week, I was late to my class because of how far I had to park. I was no later than I usually am, in fact, I got here earlier than I usually do. The fieldhouse lot was full as well as all ‘the street parking so I had to park past the field. I tried to explain but my teacher marked me late even though I ran to class,” Maynard said. 

If students are being marked as tardy for having to park so far, students and the administration need to find a way to improve. One possible solution is to designate parking sections to separate grade levels. This could minimize the chaos and perhaps make parking a little easier.

As many know, Tam is located in a suburban area with houses all around. Those who live just behind the school are equally as affected by the parking situation as students are, if not more.

“I live right across from the back parking lot. There have been several occasions where I can’t get out of my driveway because a car is parked in front of it or in it. My car has been blocked in and once even damaged due to someone wanting to squeeze into a spot behind me,” local resident Stephen Marks said. 

People need to be able to feel safe to park in their driveways. If students feel like they have to park in someone else’s driveway to make ​it to school on time, the administration should address that.

Though the extra time spent walking from your car to class in the cold might not sound too appealing, some students have said people are making this lack of parking a bigger deal than it is.

“I honestly don’t mind the walk. Parking in the field house lot really only adds around two minutes to my journey, so it’s really not too bad. I’m honestly just grateful that I get to drive to school at all,” senior Samantha Murphy said. 

Tam students who drive to school are given an unique privilege to drive to school that many seem to overlook. 

“I have also found myself carpooling more than I used to because of the lack of parking, so I do think there are some perks,” Murphy said.

Though inconvenient for some, the lack of parking at Tam is forcing students to get creative with their parking. It is also encouraging many students to walk, bike, and carpool to school. It may take some getting used to, but when the construction is finished, student’s will have everything figured out.

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