Tam Hires New Baseball Staff


By Vincent Boot and Vincent Boot

Over the last couple of years, Tam baseball has been in an identity crisis.  After opting out of re-signing head coach Mike Terry in fall of 2013, Tam acquired Scott Osder.  In late summer of 2015, Tam decided not to reinstate Osder as head of the program.  A few weeks later he was reinstated, then fired in November of the same year.  After the firing of Scott Osder, Tam hired teacher Nathan Berstein as the new head of the program.  As head coach of the varsity team, Bernstein has also appointed Tam teacher Aaron Pribble to take on the job of assistant coach, and head pitching coach.

Bernstein, a new social studies teacher at Tam, grew up playing baseball in Pasadena, California.  He ended up playing two years at College of Marin, and then two years at Sonoma State University.  He later earned a masters degree in coaching at Sonoma State. “I’ve coached numerous summer ball teams.  I’ve helped out at Sonoma State in numerous camps and clinics,” Bernstein said.  Although it’s his first year as a head of a baseball program, Bernstein has more goals than just winning.  “I think the purpose of athletics is for kids to figure something out that they think is an obstacle in their life and learn how to overcome it.  I just enjoy [coaching].”  On the recent history of the Tam baseball program, Bernstein stated, “I know that obviously there’s been some drama, I just look forward to helping [the varsity team] win ball games.  At the end of the day, kids want to play baseball and I want to provide them the best experience.”  In terms of product, Bernstein most ambitiously set his goals high.  He aims to have the varsity team win MCAL and NCS.

Although Aaron Pribble may just be serving as an assistant coach, he has a lot to offer.  The Tam social studies teacher played high school ball at Drake, then was given a full scholarship to play baseball at the University of Hawaii, a division one school.  “I’ve actually played baseball in four of seven continents.  Baseball was my ticket to an education and to see the world.  Baseball is a part of my being,” he said.  Pribble pitched all over the U.S. in college and the minor leagues, and even ended up playing professionally in Israel.  “As important as the physical side of [baseball], is the mental side of the game, and I hope to work with players on the mental side of the game as well.  If the goal is to be as successful as you can from a win-loss standpoint, I think the way you get there is by focusing on the process,” stated Pribble on this season’s goals.  Pribble hopes to help Tam players have opportunities to follow in his footsteps, or to achieve division 1 scholarships through hard work.  He encourages them to branch out and make sure they are showcased properly.  

The players seem to be content with the new coaches, “I am really impressed with the new coaching staff, Coach Bernstein and Pribble are both very knowledgeable,” said senior outfielder Oliver Krill.  
Bernstein stated that Daniel Feldman will be the JV coach, and Tam High alumni Zack Straus will be the freshman coach.  The beloved former Tam coach Tommy Frazier will also be helping out in the program.  With an almost entirely new coaching staff, the new coaching squad looks to progress off of Tam’s mediocre 2015 season.