MCAL Spring All-League: Tam ballot


As Spring Sports, and, sadly, the school year draw near the end, please take a moment to honor all of the scholar athletes on this list and commend them for their efforts on the field and off. These students were clearly dominant in each of their respective sports.


Jonny Wachtel, Sr. – First Team Infield

Chris Hayman, Sr. – First Team Outfield

Kenny Rosenberg, Sr. – First Team Pitcher

Geoffrey Mohn, Jr. – Second Team Outfield

Kevin Jordan, Sr. – Honorable Mention Catcher


Boys Lacrosse

Kevin Leake, Jr. – First Team Attack


Girls Lacrosse

Bridget Lowry, Jr. – Honorable Mention Midfield


Girls Soccer

Kaitie Gillespie, Sr. – First Team Defense

Isabella Amyx, So. – Second Team Forward

Michaela Firmage, So. – Second Team Midfield

Hannah Monroe, So. – Second Team Midfield

Olivia Heitz, Jr. – Second Team Defense


Boys Track and Field

August Kiles, Jr. – Field Events Player of the Year


Girls Track and Field

Jessica Rasmussen, Sr. – Track Player of the Year, Field Events Player of the Year


Boys Golf

Chris Byrne, Sr. – Second Team

Riley Kuffner, So. – Honorable Mention



Aria Pogni, Jr. – First Team

Rebecca Fong, Jr. – First Team

Chloe Jacobs, So. – Honorable Mention


Boys Tennis 

Marco Barretto, Jr. – First Team Singles

Kyle Wong, Jr. – First Team Doubles

Alex Becker, Jr. – First Team Doubles

Jackson Gathard, Jr. – First Team Doubles

Ryan Baumhaff, Fr. – Second Team Singles

Edward Donohue, Sr. – Second Team Doubles

Matia Jovanovic, Fr. – Honorable Mention Singles


Boys Volleyball

Blake Killingsworth, Fr. – Second Team

Jackson Floum, Sr. – Honorable Mention