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Review: 50 Shades of Regency England

By Amelia Sandgren February 21, 2021
If you are looking for some nice escapism during such stressful times, Bridgerton would be a great place to start, although, if you are hoping to avoid a few awkward exchanges with your family, I wouldn’t recommend watching the last few episodes in your living room.
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Review: Taylor Swift takes a breath and a step forward on Lover

By Benjy Wall-Feng September 15, 2019
The singer's seventh album is a mature, overlong record that reflects her best and worst tendencies.
Swift Cuts Country Ties... And Her Hair

Swift Cuts Country Ties… And Her Hair

By Isabella Schloss December 23, 2014

I’ll admit I was one of the many people who were skeptical of the new Rolling Stone cover. Short hair, white tank top and smeared mascara, it was the “new” Taylor Swift. The photo looked like another...

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