Girls Varsity Basketball Beats Elsie Allen 72-3 for Second Season Win


The girls varsity basketball team beat the Elsie Allen Mexican Wolves, 72-3, on December 1 for their second game of the season bringing their record to 2-0. The contest looked very promising from the start with the Hawks shutting out the Wolves 48-0 just in the first half. The Wolves single three-point basket came late in the third quarter and was their only score of the night.                                                                  

Head coach Mike Evans was pleased with his team’s attitude and performance against the Wolves. “I liked that we had discipline,” Evans said. “Sometimes when you play a team that’s not as good as you are, you go out there and you foul a lot, so I like the discipline that we had.”

Junior guard Megan Lee echoed the same message post-game. “I think we did a really good job holding back and not being ‘that team,’” she said.

“I think that we’ve done really well this season so far and we’re really just going up,” sophomore Alexis Travers said.

Evans sees good things for the team this season as well. “I expect to win MCAL. It’s very hard to say that, but Tam has never won a girls basketball championship in over 100 plus years, and this is probably the best team Tam’s ever had so I expect that,” Evans said. “Whether it happens or not, it depends how much work we put in, but that’s the expectation and I don’t want to downplay where we think we are.”

Although Evans has set high expectations for the team, the Hawks think they are up for the challenge. “I think as a team we really bond well, we have really good chemistry, everyone’s really friendly, and we all work really hard at practice,” Lee said. “I don’t want to look too far ahead, you have to take one game at a time, but I believe that we have a really strong team and we should be able to go all the way.”